Friday, 19 January 2018

there's a lot of it about

A friend rang to say the quiz night she had been trying to organize in aid of village hall funds had been cancelled, or rather postponed, due to lack of support.  Two potential teams were going to watch the football that evening, one couple were going to a Burns Night celebration, and another had said unenthusiastically that they could make the date but were about to go on holiday then and would rather not catch anything.

My friend and her husband had both had the bug.  I asked about the bug, wondering if it was the same one as we'd both got.  She was rather vague about specifics, but said it had been really nasty.  You kept feeling as though you were getting over it, she said, then it got worse again.  That sounded just like our bug.  She was recovering now and had spent an afternoon washing flower pots, though she still didn't dare work out in the garden while it was so cold.  Her husband, who has an underlying heart condition, had actually spent a night in hospital with it after she took him to the walk-in centre and he was referred straight to A&E.

The friend I should have been to the ladies' group AGM with if I'd been feeling better spent three days in bed after Christmas with the bug, and said her nose was still running.  There's a lot of it about.  Still, as archy the cockroach put it:

germs are very
objectionable to men
but a germ
thinks of a man
as only the swamp
in which
he has to live

And as for the weather, archy also wrote:

don t cuss the climate
it probably doesn t like you
any better
than you like it

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