Monday, 8 January 2018

still tidying

The garden did not really look very inviting this morning, although at least the wind had dropped.  I thought maybe I should set up the spreadsheets for the garden club accounts before tomorrow's meeting, but ground to a halt because I could not find a copy of last year's accounts.  I think I had one at the AGM, but where I put it is another matter, and the outgoing treasurer's file didn't have one, though I did spend an enlightening hour reading the minutes of past committee meetings.  Then I ventured out into the garden, where it was not as cold as I'd thought it might be.

I spent a long time trimming lengths of honeysuckle out of the rose bank, while thinking that planting roses and honeysuckle together really might not have been a good idea.  Some of the roses are rampant, but the honeysuckle is inexorable, mounding and twining itself over and around everything.  There is not going to be enough space in the compost bins for all the honeysuckle stems and the leaves from the Eryngium pandanifolium.  For now I am stuffing them in old Strulch bags to worry about later.

The Systems Administrator had a bonfire and got rid of some of the great trail of bramble stems, bracken stalks, rose prunings, shrub prunings, lengths of ivy hauled out of the backs of borders, unwanted Cornus suckers, and general woody debris that's been accumulating for months.  I once heard Bob Flowerdew suggest on the radio that instead of burning our woody garden waste we should tie it together into bundles and leave it in quiet corners as wildlife habitats, which is a nice idea, but would only work if you had lots of quiet corners relative to the quantity of woody plants in your garden.  Even after sifting out everything that can be used as firewood or shredded to make mulch or compost, our remaining woody garden waste would fill several industrial skips.

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