Monday, 22 January 2018

a relapse

I really thought I was getting over this bug.  Yesterday I managed to submit my tax return, go to the music society concert, and write and post a couple of birthday cards and this year's sub for the ladies' group.  It was all quite enjoyable, apart from the tax return, and at least that made me feel good when it was finished.  But by this morning I'd relapsed and the bug was back.

I remembered what my beekeeping friend had said, that it was a really nasty bug and kept getting worse just as she thought she was getting better, which sounds like the same one.  There was nothing to be done except stay in, keep warm and take it easy.  It is getting very dull, though.  When I set out to keep a blog it was going to be about the garden with a bit of art appreciation and cookery thrown in, not a chronicle of tedious minor illnesses.

I tottered out in the late afternoon to shut the hen house and breathe a couple of lungfuls of fresh air, and smelt a spicy, penetrating sweetness.  It wasn't coming from the hen house, which needs cleaning out as soon as I am fit to do it.  I think the small Sarcococca confusa I planted last year by the oil tank must be alive and well among the weeds.  Weeding them and topping up their Strulch is another thing on the list of things to do.

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