Sunday, 31 December 2017

happy new year

The Systems Administrator's cold has lingered on, and my incipient cold has got worse, after hanging around ominously in the background for the past week.  We compared notes on symptoms and decided it sounded like we both had the same one.  My true love hath my cold and I have his.  I have done slightly better out of the bargain since I retain possession of the marital bedroom with the en suite, while the SA has retreated to the ironing room, which doesn't have a working radiator since the SA borrowed the control to replace one in the sitting room that had broken and never got round to ordering a replacement.

Fortunately neither of us have ever been great fans of New Year's Eve, so we are not missing anything.  I don't think any of our friends are having giant parties they haven't invited us to anyway.  Some are celebrating with their children, and I think some ask the neighbours round for a quiet glass of champagne, but we don't live within strolling distance of any of them.

Maybe 2018 will be really good.

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