Tuesday, 19 December 2017

a winter's day

Didn't they have another baby? I asked the Systems Administrator last week, as I was working my way through the address book to write the Christmas cards.  Brow furrowed, the SA admitted that he thought they probably did, but neither of us could remember what it was called.  I deputed the SA to find out the details, since they were his relations, and put their card down as o/s on my spreadsheet.  Fortunately they are organised people and a card from them arrived in yesterday's post, signed on behalf of all of them including the mystery baby.  Otherwise unless the SA had come up with the info they wouldn't have got one from us, since you can't send a card to Ali, Claire, Georgia, and the other one (you did have another, didn't you?).

I walked up to the post box with it, congratulating myself that when I was in one of the last two remaining post offices within a five mile radius I had bought some first class stamps, so our card should still arrive decently before Christmas.  And then I was able to delete Christmas cards from the list of Things to Do.

The walk to the post box was enough to convince me that it was too cold to be outside.  The cats came to the same conclusion, and by lunchtime all four were curled up in the study, Our Ginger on the stool in front of the electric fire, and the three kitties in a row in their baskets on top of the cupboard.  Even the sight of the birds on the bird table wasn't enough to get them back outdoors.  I did see Mr Fidget on the gravel earlier eating a mouse, which he promptly sicked up in the hall, so perhaps he had had enough of the outdoors for one day.

We are going to have to do something to stop the fake fur Cat Snoozers sliding off the cupboard.  Mr Fluffy has just jumped up, only for the bed and Mr Fluffy with it to toboggan straight off the other side.  I am relying on the SA to come up with a technical solution.  I did the Christmas cards, after all.  The list of Things to Do did not end up any shorter, though, because reading though my pile of gardening magazines reminded me that I needed to add Prune the grape vines.

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