Sunday, 8 May 2016

slow death of a broom

Blogger has just eaten my post as I was editing one final sentence about my neighbour's tulips, and I really don't have the heart to repeat myself.  The bare bones of it were that I have been removing the Genista aetnensis from the turning circle, that is clearly dying from wind rock and leaning out over the pond at a mad angle, and the garden looked better with it than without it.  It has left me with some self-sown replacements that are a better shape than their parent.  Was that because they don't like being raised in pots and then transplanted?

Several of the flower stems on tulip 'Elegant Lady' have broken three to four inches below the flower.  My neighbour was complaining about the same thing happening to his tulips a few weeks back.  Why was that?  It hasn't been that windy in the past couple of days.  Was it the sudden heat causing a sappy growth spurt?  The Darwins have now gone over so the combination was a failure anyway.

Originally there were some thoughts about the Great Storm of 1987, but that will have to keep for another time.

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