Monday, 16 May 2016

pets in brief

Once again Blogger has eaten my entire post, just as I thought I'd finished.  The whole body of the text was highlighted blue, and then vanished except for the last two letters I'd typed.  Once again I have no idea what combination of keys I touched to make that happen.  The Systems Administrator suggested I could write it in Word and then copy and past, which indeed I could, but it is a faff.

I don't have the heart to repeat myself so all I will say is that the kittens are growing.  We seem to have a cheerful confident one, a cute fluffy one, and a cool one, like a boy band.  But we must be careful not to label them at a young age.  Perhaps Mr Fluffy will grow into a really elegant cat, and his current habit of bouncing off the furniture is just a phase.

Our Ginger still doesn't like them.  He went and hid under the stairs this morning.

The Systems Administrator is the old lady Maran's new best friend.  She followed the SA all the way up the garden and back to the chicken house when it was time to go in.

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