Sunday, 25 February 2018

before the big freeze

It was a very beautiful day, looked at from indoors, but outside it was bitterly cold.  The Systems Administrator sawed some more firewood after lunch, before coming in saying it was too cold to stand there sawing.  I went shopping and bought what I think the SA privately considered a ludicrous quantity of food.  Tesco, which I visited for the slabs of cat food and because their in-store branch of Timpsons had my dry cleaning, was rather busy, Waitrose markedly less hectic.  The fact that I was willing to spend time visiting a second supermarket in order to buy my preferred brands of fruit flavoured yogurt and muesli tells you quite how uninviting the day was for gardening.

It is difficult to tell what to expect.  My mother, survival instincts honed by spending a decade living nine hundred feet up a hill in rural Wales, reassured me that she already had a fortnight's worth of food in stock.  The Systems Administrator is convinced that the trains will be running normally now the railway has heated points, and hopes and expects to meet a friend for lunch in London on Wednesday as planned.  Lots of people are hoping to get to work.  My brother needs to get to Croydon.  A friend has a week's holiday booked in Cuba so presumably has to get to Gatwick, or Heathrow.  I would like to take my car to the garage as booked on Thursday before its MoT runs out.  I consoled myself with the thought that at least I wasn't trying to make it to Cuba since we don't go on that sort of holiday.  The Systems Administrator said Never Mind, we would be able to experience what life was like in Cuba here once Jeremy Corbyn got in, if you believed the Daily Mail.

I shall have no excuse not to clean the kitchen, since I won't be doing anything outside, though I might take refuge in some bulb catalogues from time to time.

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