Sunday, 13 November 2016

more cleaning

As I'd started cleaning I thought I'd carry on, so today I cleaned the kitchen.  I did not have any great or interesting thoughts while I was doing it, which leaves me rather short of blog material. One of the kittens must have eaten a mouse straight after breakfast because I found a great streak of undigested sick by the television, with lumps of barely chewed up mouse in it.  This left me in a quandary for the rest of the morning since I didn't know which kitten it was that effectively hadn't had any breakfast, having sicked it all up again.

An intensely metropolitan friend, who rarely ventures outside the M25 except when she flies abroad on business, was talking some months back about getting a cat to deal with the mouse problem in her house.  I tried to explain to her why having cats did not mean that you never had to deal with dead mice and recommended an electric rat zapper, but she said I was grossing her out.  If the prospect of tipping an intact and definitely deceased mouse out of a metal tube upsets her then a haunch of mouse complete with tail and surrounded by sick is going to gross her out a lot more.  I don't think she got a cat.

The t button on my keyboard has got very stiff and keeps not registering.  I am hoping the Systems Administrator will be able to sort it out for me.  It is a particular nuisance because my email address has a t in it, and I have managed to buy something online while supplying invalid email details, meaning the confirmation email and any further correspondence won't reach me.  If there is a problem and an actual human being looked at the address supplied they could probably work out what was wrong with it.  I have tried wiggling the t key, but that doesn't seem to do any good. Perhaps the keyboard is full of cat fluff.  The laptop is only just over a year old and shouldn't have broken yet.

I did notice something mildly amusing the other day.  The woodland charity talk I gave at a church in Colchester was held in a meeting room also used by a preschool group, so as well as some tiny chairs and tables there were some child friendly displays on the wall, including the letters of the alphabet, each with an illustration, a is for apple, b is for ball and so on.  J was for jelly, to judge from the accompanying crenellated jelly mould shaped picture.  But does anybody make jelly in a mould nowadays?  Do people even have jelly moulds?  We certainly haven't, and we possess a stock pot and a potato ricer.  I tried to think of a concrete noun more suited to the life experience of today's three year old, but the first alternatives to spring to mind were equally archaic.  Jumbo, jim-jams.  Jogger would be good, or even jug would be better than jelly (though do people have jugs nowadays?  Most people use milk straight out of the bottle, unless they are making a real effort to be smart.  I use measuring jugs for cooking and a big jug if somebody gives me a bunch of tall flowers, and that's about it).

The stuck t will drive me mad.  I hope he Sysems Adminisraor can fix i.

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