Friday, 3 June 2016

pets and livestock

The kittens had visitors today.  Mr Fluffy did well, allowing himself to be stroked and purring loudly, but the normally energetic one sat in my filing tray looking rather subdued before being sick behind a cupboard and producing a small liquid poop.  When I reported back to the Systems Administrator the SA said that he'd produced a large liquid poop earlier while I'd been out.  He seems fine now, and comparing notes I think that between us we've been giving them too many biscuits.  The thoughtful one hid in the corner at the back of the lowest shelf of the bookcase so that the visitors saw nothing of him but a pair of baleful green eyes, but I wasn't expecting any more from him.  He is still pretty nervous, though he will now sleep in my lap when he's in the mood.

They were all weighed while they were at the vet.  The energetic one is the biggest by a whopping hundred grammes, and Mr Fluffy is the smallest by a whisker.  He does still feel nothing but bone under all the fluff.  They are all large for their age, according to the vet.  She did not share my enthusiasm for hunting cats, and rescued a baby rabbit from hers.  Rescue rabbits?  I'll be posting a reward for every pair of ears laid on the front doorstep.

Our Ginger has a new game, which is to cry outside the bedroom door early in the morning, any time from five onwards.  We let him in to try and reassure him that he is still a loved pet, hoping he would go to sleep at the end of the bed while we got some more kip ourselves, but instead he poked his toes up the SA's nose unless the SA stroked him.  The SA claims to have stroked him for three quarters of an hour yesterday, and half an hour this morning, but I wouldn't know.  I was asleep.

It was so grey and horrid and dismal that I couldn't find the enthusiasm to go out into the garden.  I did extract a super of honey in my beautifully hygienic and clean kitchen that I spend most of yesterday washing and wiping while it was equally cold and dull.  I took the super off the beehive on Monday when it was warm, and it has been sitting in the spare room until I had time to process it.  I got nearly a bucket full from the one super, and since I can't remember the capacity of the bucket I don't know how many pounds that is.  The colony it came from has built up extremely well, after doing absolutely nothing last year.  It rather puts me off the idea of uniting colonies at the end of the season, since how do I know which queens to keep?  Nothing about this colony last year would have made me think it was going to do so well this spring.

The new little chickens are growing, and beginning to look more like small hens as their tails develop.  Beyond making sure that they have food and water and are not being badly bullied by the old hen they have been rather left to their own devices, because we have been so taken up with the kittens and the weather has been patchy since they arrived.  I don't suppose they mind.

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