Monday, 15 April 2013

out later

This could be all the blog there is today.  I have to go to work, and this evening we have tickets for Spiers and Boden at the Colchester Arts Centre.  It's sold out (so there's no point in getting excited if you live around Colchester and read this before tonight but don't already have a ticket) and the doors open at 7.45 pm.  We therefore need to be there by quarter to eight at the latest, or we'll find ourselves sitting behind a pillar.  I shall have to hope that there isn't too much watering to be done after the last customers have more or less left, and ask the manager nicely if I can knock off half an hour early, since at this time of the year we are supposed to finish at six.  Getting home at half past six, or even six, with filthy fingernails and needing something to eat, won't leave any time for blogging before we have to go out again.

I could have written something generic yesterday and copied it on to the blog now, but I didn't.  Everything is composed on the day.

I imagine the atmosphere at work will be subdued, since on Friday the dog was run over.  She was a very nice little dog.

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